"It'd be a coincidence if they weren't...you know...connected!"
Frances McDormand, Fargo, 1996

Here are some other cyber-stops we recommend.  Enjoy!


DVD Review - Many good features here, including a listing of Easter Eggs on DVD, chat rooms, news, reviews, and more.

Wholesalemovies.com - A great online place to buy your DVDs!

Films on Disc - Stuart J. Kobak's site for all things DVD...lots of reviews!

Jboog's DVD's - Check out Jason Naper's ultimate guide to DVD on the web!

Jumbo Dump - A fun site that mixes DVD with a little of everything else.

Digitally OBSESSED - Bob Mandel's site for all things digital, with plenty of chances to win cool stuff!

DVD Productions - A company that specializes in tape-to-disc transfer services!


Insomniac Mania - A very cool site for all things movies!

The Z Review - "Taking a stand against Hollywood's never ending barrage of dire movies", this U.K. based site is one of the funnier we've seen.  Check out the list of Lazy DVDs and shout "Amen!"

Raging Nation - Independent filmmaker Dale Resteghini's cool website...see what he has coming up next!

Film-Reviews.net - All the latest reviews of movies and DVDs!

MovieTrack.net - Movie and technology news, plus movie reviews!

www.ConcertsOnDVD.com - A great site for music on DVD!


Zune Movies - Playzune.net provides free software, video and movie downloads for Microsoft Zune player!


Norman Kelsey - The former Bat Country frontman has gone solo, so be sure to check out his site for news, music and more!

The Milestones  - The Serious Moonlighters and Brose are no more...we have rebuilt them...we've made them faster, stronger, and better than ever!  Check out one of Jacksonville's best jazz bands, featuring me, your friendly neighborhood editor-in-chief, on guitar and mandolin!


Best Buy Black Friday Sales - Great site to find deals on home theater systems, DVDs and Blu-rays. 

Animal Hospital at Oakleaf Plantation - Dr. Glenda Wiechman's state-of-the-art veterinary clinic is now open...check it out!

Ms. Ambassador - A fun, stress-free pageant for all ages with cool prizes...check it out!

Matthew's Merchandise - Look here to find the electronics you need and want!

Anime DVD - Anime DVD, graphic novel, and anime soundtrack's from Buy DVD, including Inuyasha, Samurai X, Hellsing, Trigun, and Ninga Scroll.

IOMX - A Comprehensive Infotainment Portal!

Robert Thurston - Take a look at some of this writer's short stories...they're pretty good!

Plasmaconcepts.com - Your one stop shop for all of your Plasma TV and LCD TV Solutions!

Online Sweepstakes.com - Enter some cool contests!

www.thedailygoss.com - Get the latest from the world of TV & Film, plus your real life stories, forums, diets, photos, videos and chat!

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