Review by Chastity Campbell

Stars:  Joanna Chilcoat, Anna Kendrick, Robin De Jesus, Sasha Allen, Daniel Letterle, Alana Allen, Don Dixon, Kahiry Bess, Vince Rimoldi, Tiffany Taylor, and Steven Cutts
Director: Todd Graff
Audio:  Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Video:  1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Studio:  MGM
Features:  See Review
Length: 110 Minutes
Release Date: February 24, 2004

ďOh my godÖan honest to goodness straight white boy with talent!Ē

Film **

Itís June, you wake up one fine morning to find your bags packed, and a note on top that says donít be late for the bus.  You rush down to the parking lot of the local Piggly Wiggly, and scramble aboard a bus heading for non-stop summer fun!  Well, fun if you are into singing, dancing, pickin, and grinning!  

Welcome to Camp Ovation, where the music is loud, but the voices are louder.   Each year teenagers from all over the place venture to Camp Ovation in the hopes of becoming the musical stars of tomorrow.    Their summers are filled with show after show, culminating in a benefit held at the end of the season.  

This is Vladís first year at Ovation, and he soon realizes heís not only the new kid on the block, heís fresh meat for the grinder. 

It seems as though the girls at Camp, and for that matter most of the boys, are in desperate need of a little love, and they all have set their sights on Vlad.

Vlad takes it all in stride, only to find heís taken too many strides, as the girls find out heís got a steady girlfriend back home, and the boys realize heís never switching teams.  Can this talented group pull it all together, and forget about the pretty boy with the pretty voice before Benefit night?

This movie was basically one gigantic musical after school special.  I was sitting there watching it and flashed back to when I was 10 years old, sitting in front of the TV watching little latch key Bobby almost burn up after setting a dishtowel on fire, while trying to cook himself dinner!  Now Iím all misty eyed!

This DVD was supposed to be loaded with laughs, but I only really laughed a few times, and it was mostly because of the poor quality of the acting.   To give credit where it is due I will say that while they still have some learning to do in the acting department, they can definitely sing, and are not afraid to demonstrate their abilities. 

This Camp wasnít really my kind of a good time, but hey thatís just my opinion.  If you want to have a look for yourself, snatch this one up, and give it a spin!

Video **

This 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfer was flat.  The colors were weak, and the lighting was not the best I have ever seen.  The print was very grainy from the beginning. But on a positive note, this DVD was mostly clean, and lacked any other types of distortion or problems.

Audio **

A DVD loaded with music, singing, and tap dancing should in my opinion contain a mix that has been given a lot of attention.  You really want the audio to sparkle and shine on a DVD like this, but unfortunately, it doesnít sparkle or shineÖitís simply there.  

The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround felt wasted on this one because the levels were all over the place.  There were a few instances of obvious digital clipping, which should NEVER happen. 

Features **

This DVD features deleted and extended scenes to tease you with what could have been.

There is a ďMaking Of Camp,Ē featurette, which is fun and entertaining to watch.   Also include is the original theatrical trailer for this film.

A live cast performance in LA and scene selection are the final features that bring this musical romp to a close.


This DVD was average in every single category.  Nothing stands out, and grabs your attention other than the fact that it is almost two hours of a music filled after school special.  If itís raining outside, and youíve seen everything else in your collection, think about giving this one a spin.