Review by Michael Jacobson

Stars:  Carlos Mencia
Audio:  Dolby Stereo
Video:  Full Frame 1.33:1
Studio:  Studio Works
Features:  Hangin' With Carlos extras
Length:  100 Minutes
Release Date:  June 14, 2005

"Why are you working at McDonald's?  Because you're McSTUPID!!"

Show ***1/2

Carlos Mencia is one of the funniest comics in America, and if you don't know that yet, you should really check out his new DVD Not For the Easily Offended.  Filmed live in San Jose, this disc showcases Carlos at his energetic and politically incorrect best.

I've been a big fan of his for some time now...he frequently brings his show here to Jacksonville, Florida, where he regularly sells out some of the big comedy clubs for two or three nights in a row.  He's also a regular guest on our Lex and Terry syndicated morning show, where his firebrand humor usually has the hosts collapsing into hysterics and callers unable to keep up.  This is a man born to make you laugh...and possibly to make you think at the same time.

It may be wise for potential viewers to consider the title a fair warning...nothing is sacred in Carlos' routine.  He even tells his audience up front that they may like 90% of his comedy, and cringe at the remaining part.  Not that he cares if he steps on toes, mind you...he's just being honest.

Carlos drives through a myriad of topics, each one more taboo than the one before, with astonishing energy.  Whether it's racial profiling or the truth about racism in America, whether it's our public school systems or illegal immigration, Carlos' comedy goes right for the heart of any matter he addresses with shameless truth.  If something isn't right in this country, he targets it...yet one can't help feel he points out the problems because he genuinely loves the land that he calls home, like a parent who won't let his child get away with being less than they can be.

The funniest bits to me involved his take on schooling and how different it is now that teachers can't discipline the kids the way they used to and how too many parents don't care enough and would rather blame the instructors than their children.  I imagine a few sets of feathers are going to get ruffled by what he has to say...but so be it.  I think Carlos just might endorse Rush Limbaugh's idea of a "No Child's Behind Left Alone" act.

The language is strong, the assessments are crass, and the targets are many and frequently laid bare.  Carlos may find some way to insult you, even if you aren't one of the easily offended of the title.  But there's method to his madness, and if you give him a chance, he'll make you laugh like few others.

Video **

This comedy concert was shot on video and transferred to DVD, so it bears some of the typical limitations of tape.  Detail level and colors aren't always as strong as you may be used to, but it's still very watchable, and given the nature of the program, nothing worth complaining too much about.

Audio **

The audio is pretty much all Carlos and his crowd's laughter, save a little music at the beginning and end.  Carlos himself supplies a bit of dynamic range with his delivery, and his words are always clean and clear.  Par for the course.

Features **

The disc includes several "Hangin' With Carlos" extras...we go with him as he hits a few radio stations to promote his show, on the golf course, with the band P.O.D. and at the show.  Some of his bits also play during the menu screens.


Carlos Mencia's comedy is outrageous, brutally honest, and energetically funny.  He's one of the country's premier stand up comics, and if you're willing to wade into politically incorrect and insensitive waters for an hour, this DVD will provide you with a solid healing dose of laughter.

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