Review by Michael Jacobson

Creators:  Trey Parker, Matt Stone
Video:  Full Frame 1.33:1
Audio:  Dolby Stereo
Studio:  Paramount
Features:  New animation
Length:  264 Minutes
Release Date:  October 7, 2008

“Let me taste your tears!”

Shows ****

For fans of South Park, I'd have to say it's about danged time that Cartman got his own greatest hits DVD.

Better still, The Cult of Cartman: Revelations is a handsomely packaged tribute to our favorite big-boned and foul-mouthed fourth grader.  The set includes 12 of Cartman's most gut-bustingly memorable escapades, with the man himself offering a new introduction to his 'life lessons'.

Cartman is beloved by me because of his total political incorrectness, which is cathartic, but also provides for a few amusing comeuppances.  Take "Le Petit Tourette", officially my wife's favorite episode.  Cartman thinks that pretending to have a debilitating disorder can let him say anything he wants at any times.  Sweet, until he finds he can no longer control his own mouth!

Or how about "Tonsil Trouble", in which Cartman gets the ultimate ironic justice when he contracts HIV from a routine operation.  Does it fill him with newfound understanding and sympathy?  No...he figures out how to get Kyle infected, too!  And in "Awesom-O", Cartman plans to trap his buddy Butters by pretending to be an advanced robot, but finds his role is a little more than he bargained for!

In "Up the Down Steroid", Cartman decides to try and clean house at the Special Olympics by pretending to be mentally challenged...hardly a stretch, I might add.  Or in "The Death of Eric Cartman", he ticks his friends off one too many times, making them decide to ignore him completely...making him think he's dead and now a ghost!

Oh, there are many others here.  "Eek, a Penis" has Cartman taking over as teacher for the eternally sexually confused Mrs. Garrison, leading to a Stand and Deliver spoof that's absolutely hysterical.  The two part "Cartoon Wars" was a fan favorite, as Trey Parker and Matt Stone managed to take on both Family Guy and the then-current depictions of the Muslim prophet Muhammad all at the same time!  And in "Cartmanland", Cartman realizes his dream of owning his own amusement park and keeping everyone else out...it's fun!  For a while.

All gems, but the all-time Cartman episode has to be "Scott Tenorman Must Die".  Super group Radiohead provides some guest voices in this story where Cartman tries to exact revenge against a rotten older kid who thwarts him at every opportunity...but you haven't seen ANYTHING until you see how Cartman has the last laugh.  YIKES.

Cartman probably expresses the id side of our personalities better than any other character...he's all selfish desire and drive, with no regard to anyone's feelings, well-being or property.  He never censors himself, and he never is at a loss for words, especially on subjects he's clueless about.  All of these and more have kept him my favorite on the show for more than a decade, and this collection of his finest episodes is a laugh riot from start to finish.

Video ***1/2

"Kick ass!"

Maybe it’s just my new high definition set, but these episodes of South Park sure looked better than ever this time around.  The colors seemed brighter, the images crisper, and the contrast levels higher…nicely done.

Audio ***


The stereo mix offers some fair dynamic range, good music here and there, and clean clear dialogue throughout.

Features *


The only extra is the new animation of Cartman's introductions, but I love the way the DVD is packaged; like a Bible, with engraved gold lettering on the cover.  Sweet!


The Cult of Cartman: Revelations is a kick-ass collection of some of Cartman's, and therefore South Park's funniest and crudest and most politically incorrect episodes.

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