Review by Chastity Campbell

Starring: Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Stanley Tucci, Adrian Grenier
Director: David Frankel
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Video: 2.35:1
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Features: See Review
Length: 109 Minutes
Release Date:  December 12, 2006

“You have no sense of fashion!”

“Well I think that depends on…”

“No, no, that wasn’t a question!”

Film ****

I believe with everything in me, after viewing this film for a second time (once in the theatre and now on DVD), that it is one of the best films of 2005!  The Devil Wears Prada, and let me tell you, she is extremely proud of how good she looks wearing it! 

Miranda Priestly is every employee’s worst nightmare.  She is demanding, rigid, unrelenting, and blunt to a fault. 

As Editor of the top New York fashion magazine, Miranda represents every young fashion diva’s dream.  Working one year for her will open almost any door in the industry, so girls are lining up by the dozens, vying for a chance to be her personal assistant, and as quickly as they line up, she is cutting them down!  This is a woman who can give a tongue-lashing so stinging Indiana Jones’ whip would be envious!

Andy Sachs wants to work for a newspaper but until she gets some experience in the industry, no one is willing to take a chance.

Out of work, and running out of options, Andy winds up somehow gaining Miranda’s attention and accepting the chance to be her personal assistant.  Little does Andy know she’s about to learn more life lesson’s from this one job than most other people learn in a lifetime!

If you have read the book, then you will definitely know what all of the buzz is about concerning this film.  However, don’t pop this DVD in expecting to see a visual representation of the book itself. 

A lot of work had to be done in order for this book to be made into a film.  A lot of things that work in book form would not work on film so it was changed, or “slightly altered,” as the screenplay writers would say.  Don’t let that scare you away though, because the film is just as entertaining and enjoyable as the book itself.

Now, how in the world do you find someone capable of bringing such a dynamic and despicable character like Miranda Priestly to life? You contact the amazing Meryl Streep of course!  Meryl took Miranda and brought her up to a whole other level.  After seeing what an amazing job she did with the character, I believe Meryl was the only person who could have pulled this off so fabulously! 

I have been an Anne Hathaway fan since Princess Diaries came out.  I loved her in Brokeback Mountain and Ella Enchanted is one of my favorite films. 

Anne has quite a bit of the physical comedy abilities that I associate with greats like, Lucille Ball, and Carol Burnett!  She is a wonderful actress, and a lot more talented than Hollywood gives her credit for.  With this film, Anne was able to make me feel every emotion right along with Andy.  I appreciate actors/actress’ who can accomplish that.

The Devil Wears Prada will entertain you from start to finish.  While I would consider this a chick flick, most guys will be able to enjoy it as well. All the pretty girls walking around will definitely help to hold their attention!

Video ****

Video quality on this DVD was very nice.  All of the colors were crisp and clean with good shading and shadow.  There was no visible artifacting, and only an extremely small amount of dirt was visible.  Over all this is one of the best looking DVD’s, I have seen all year.

Audio ***

This DVD contains an English 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, audio track.  You also have the option of a Spanish & French audio track dubbed in 2.0 Dolby Digital.

The sound quality was very good on this film.  They might have been a bit overzealous with the background audio levels during their city shoots, but otherwise a nice mix, and audio blend with little to no problems at all.

Features ***

Extra features? The Devil you say!

If you really want a great behind the scenes guide to the making of this film, then you will definitely appreciate the Audio Commentary with Director - David Frankel, Producer – Wendy Finerman, Costume Designer – Patricia Field, and the list goes on and on…

When you are ready for a good laugh head on over the “Gag Reel” and watch your favorite actor/actress show their silly side.

There are 15 deleted scenes available for you to cruise through, as well as the original theatrical trailer for the film.

If the audio commentary option doesn’t give you enough inside information about this film then you will definitely want to check out one of the many featurettes available:

·        Trip To The Big Screen

·        NYC and Fashion

·        Fashion Visionary Patricia Field

·        Getting Valentino

English and Spanish subtitles are also available for you to view.


The Devil Wears Prada is an interesting and refreshing story that will provide you with multiple layers of entertainment value for your buck!  So don’t get burned by being the last to grab this DVD!

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