Review by Michael Jacobson

Creator:  Steve Oedekerk
Audio:  Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Stereo
Video:  Full Frame 1.33:1
Studio:  Image Entertainment
Features:  See Review
Length:  31 Minutes
Release Date:  November 19, 2002

“Pop…you're weirdin' me out here!!”

Film ***

Steve Oedekerk scores a hit (get it?) with his latest Thumbation offering!

The Godthumb spoofs one of cinema's most noted and influential pictures (no, not Freddy Got Fingered, but thanks for playing), and mines comic gold.  I'm thankful he chose to kid The Godfather instead of making The Thumbpranos; this was the funnier idea.

From the wedding day favors to the hidden weapons in the bathrooms (“Hey, this isn't toilet paper!!”), Oedekerk and crew have a field day with Coppola's film.  The Godthumb, with his bad comb-over and wheezy voice, runs his empire while snacking on…ah, never mind.  His latest challenge is the infiltration of new ideas into the mob…namely, square meatballs.

When the Godthumb refuses, he is gunned down in a blaze of glory.  I don't want to reveal how he ends up, but I will say his performance is at least a head above Marlon Brando's.  It leaves his sons, including Thumbie and Adopted Lawyer Son, trying to steer the family into the future…hard to do with no hands.

Oedekerk is back in fine form with this short film.  It's funny and sharp throughout, with more than one sequence that will have you laughing out loud.  The all out mob war is a scream; it actually doesn't involve guns so much as just doing really mean things to one another.

Fans of the previous Thumbation selections will enjoy adding this one to their collection…it's an offer you can't refuse.

Video **1/2

This one is a step down from previous thumb offerings.  I think Oedekerk was trying to re-create Gordon Willis' influential lighting style, but it doesn't work on video.  A lot of the images are soft, murky, and lacking in definition.  It's still very watchable, but a noticeable drop in quality.

Audio ***

Not a bad sounding 5.1 mix…the gunfire (well, what did you expect in a movie called The Godthumb?) is lively, the dialogue is clean and clear, and the spoof of Nino Rota's legendary score is a nice touch.

Features **

The extras were a little disappointing this time around…considering some of Oedekerk's thumb movies have had a couple of commentary tracks on them, this one has none.  All that's left is a slew of thumb trailers, some staged outtakes and character interviews, some “personal thoughts”, and some storyboards.  There's a faux “sneak peak” that runs during the end credits, if you want to count that, too.


The Godthumb is a solid mix of the right film to parody and the right artist to do it.  Steve Oedekerk and his thumbs are in fine shape as they spin this epic yarn of loyalty and betrayal, of crime and punishment, of opposition and opposables…it's a funny bit of filmmaking that's definitely worth a look, capice?