Review by Michael Jacobson

Director:  Martin Durkin
Audio:  Dolby Stereo
Video:  Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1
Studio:  WAG TV
Features:  See Review
Length:  60 Minutes


Film ****

It’s rare for me as a reviewer to engage in hyperbole, so I hope our readers will consider that when I state unequivocally that The Great Global Warming Swindle is possibly the most important film of our, or any time.  Now, with the recent discoveries of the emails between leading scientists proving their attempt over the years to cover, alter or delete the truth (they're even claiming their original data that supported global warming has been 'lost' to those seeking it under Britain's Freedom of Information Act), there is no longer any question about the falsity of this hoax that has cost billions of dollars, billions of jobs and billions of hours of sleep in young, gullible schoolchildren ruthlessly targeted by these conscienceless politically motivated hacks.

For years now, environmentalists have controlled the agenda on climate change.  They’ve beaten much of the western world into submission on the notion that industry is causing global warming, and that carbon dioxide is leading to disaster for our world and all mankind.  Al Gore has become a phenomenon with a book, an Oscar winning film, and a Nobel Prize for his work in spreading the message that we are bringing about the end of the earth via our very lifestyles and existence.

But is Gore really so sure?  One has to wonder why he refuses to engage in public scientific debate on the issue, and his people carefully cultivate and select every interview opportunity.  Any evidence that an interviewer might have ever questioned the notion of man-made global warming, and the interview is denied.  Many have challenged him to a public discussion on the issue.  He declines.  One would think if the science were really on his side, he would welcome the opportunity to swing the pendulum in his favor once and for all.  But he prefers monologue to dialogue, and as long as he controls his appearances, refuses to entertain questions or debate, he can do what is most necessary to refute his cause…mainly, ignore the truth.

Truth is what this film offers in copious amounts, and if you’re one of the ones who have bought into the Al Gore and media hype, you might find yourself rocked back in your seat.  You may even find yourself angry, because the only conclusion that can rationally be drawn is that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax of ours or any generation, and that political agenda has been the culprit of massive chicanery disguised as science.

You may wonder why you’ve never asked why Gore and other environmentalists only produce temperature graphs going back a handful of decades when models, ice records and other pieces of geological evidence show much more than what has been spoon fed to us.  You’ll probably be as shocked as I was at how real science not only doesn’t corroborate their theories, but irrefutably disposes of them.

We are told carbon dioxide is a major contributor to man-made climate change.  But geological evidence shows that, owing to volcanic activity and other stimuli, that there have been periods in earth’s history where CO2 in our atmosphere was anywhere from three to TEN times higher than it is today, with nothing indicating that warmer temperatures resulted.

We are told that rising temperatures will lead to devastation and ruination, but there were periods in time when the average global temperature was much higher than it is today.  The Middle Ages were one such time, and it was recorded as a period of unprecedented prosperity.  There were even vineyards in northern England, as well as much advancement in building and architectural design.  During the Bronze Age, temperatures remained higher than today’s for 3,000 years.  Somehow, life flourished.  Even the polar bears obviously survived.

We are also told that global warming concerns mandate that we deny ourselves access to our own resources (oil and coal predominately), and we’ve made ourselves dependant on nations that aren’t exactly friendly to us as a result.  Worse, we’ve denied Africa and other poor civilizations access to theirs.  Africa in particular has been devastated by environmental alarms over the years.  In the 70s, it was Rachel Carson and her extreme claims about DDT harming birds that caused the international community to refuse aid to Africa if it didn’t give up the pesticide, and as a result malaria, which had been nearly vanquished, instead flourished, with thousands dying year in and year out as a result.  Today, the poor go without electricity which could otherwise be made readily available.  They burn fires in their homes for cooking, and the exposure to smoke continues to cause cancer and death from respiratory diseases in women and children.  They can’t store food because they have no refrigeration.

No, solar power is the way to go, the environmentalists tell them  In the film, we visit a clinic forced to use solar power in lieu of fossil fuels.  They have lights.  They have refrigeration for their medicines.  The problem is, solar power only provides enough energy to run one or the other.

There are many international scientists appearing in the film who offer facts to combat gross misconceptions, but they have become pariahs in their own circles…ostracized, shunned, and sometimes even threatened with death.  One wonders aloud, where is the scientific process in all of it?

The answer, even to the co-founder of Greenpeace, is that the global warming hysteria has very little to do with science and almost everything to do with political concerns.  Scientific bodies rake in millions in grant money.  One remarks if he wanted a grant to study squirrels, all he’d have to do is prepare a request saying he wanted to study their habits in relation to global warming, and the money would be delivered.

Most of the basic presumptions for man-made global warming are clearly demonstrated to be false.  One is the claim that increasing worldwide temperatures leads to more hurricanes (remember Al Gore’s prediction in his film about 2006, which turned out to be one of the mildest storm seasons in memory?).  In fact, any meteorological textbook will state that hurricanes are directly resulted from the discrepancy between tropic temperatures and arctic ones, so if they are brought more in line, there will be fewer, not more, storms.  Another is that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing temperatures to rise when millennia of evidence shows exactly the opposite…rises in CO2 actually lag BEHIND rising temperatures by about 800 years, and have been doing that for as far back as modern science can reach.

I remember an interview with renowned environmental activist Laurie David, expressing the calamity and catastrophe of man-made global warming.  The interviewer brought up some of the conflicting evidence that seemed to run contrary to her claims.  “You know what?” she snapped, cutting him off in mid sentence, “The debate is over!” 

The debate is, I think, indeed over...the cover has been blown, the "science" blown to pieces, the political motivations of scientists in league with mass media and unscrupulous leaders who have been willing for decades to use the environment to shame their masses into giving up their freedoms have all been laid bare.  But don't expect those who have the most to gain to give up so easily...in fact, since the stories have broken, two things have happened:  one, polls are showing that now less than half the population believes man has any effect on the climate.  And two, those with the most to gain are putting up the biggest fight and circling the wagons to protect their cherished lie.  Just ask Al Gore, who has used his so-called "humanitarian" cause to create and prop up his business to the tune of countless billions of dollars.  Or ask Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress, who have been using this hoax as a chance to seize more and more power from citizens and concentrate it in Washington.  Whether it's riches or control, those who stand to lose it don't give it up without a fight.  And just because the lie has been exposed doesn't mean those without shame or honor won't keep repeating it more loudly and more constantly.

There is a man-made catastrophe at hand, but it’s not our effect on the weather.  It’s our systematic repression and destruction of third world countries preventing development, freedom and advancement that is likely soon to carry over to our own economies and freedoms.  Don’t believe me?  As it stands, try to buy a traditional Edison incandescent light bulb in a few years.  They will be banned.  And good luck if you break one of the mandated fluorescent replacements…you’ll find out what a real environmental and health hazard looks like when the mercury leaks out into your home or office.

Video ***

It’s shot on video with a few filmed sequences, but looks more than passable in this age of TV on DVD.

Audio **

The stereo mix is suitable for a talking-head presentation, with occasional effects to add some dynamic range here and there.

Features ***

If one hour of scientific evidence isn’t enough to convince you, try one more.  There are twelve segments, totaling about an addition 60 minutes, that delve even further into the actual science of climate.


Is it hot in here or is it just me?  It may be you, when you see the facts that activists have been denying you for far too long.  Call it “An Incontrovertible Truth”…The Great Global Warming Swindle blows through the environmental hoax like a category five hurricane, and leaves nothing left standing.  All we need now is closure; an eventual sequel where so-called climate "scientists", Al Gore, the controlling media and possibly even those holding the highest political offices in our land are brought to justice and held accountable for their roles in the greatest power-grab based lie ever perpetrated in human history.  Highest possible recommendation.

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