Season 2 Uncut

Review by Ed Nguyen

Stars: Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, T.R. Knight, Patrick Dempsey, Justin Chambers, Chandra Wilson, Isaiah Washington, Kate Walsh, James Pickens Jr.
Directors: Various
Audio: English 5.1 Surround
Subtitles: English
Video: Color, widescreen 1.78:1
Studio: Disney
Features: Five commentaries, four extended episodes, Q&A session, Chandra Wilson interview, set tour,
deleted scenes, trailers, booklet
Length: 1180 minutes
Release Date: September 12, 2006

"Cut, suture, and close."

Episodes ****

In every broadcast television season, there is usually at least one bonafide break-out hit.  For the 2005 season, that show was Grey's Anatomy, a mid-season replacement that quickly developed its own loyal fan base.  Chronicling the professional and private struggles of a close-knit group of surgical interns, Grey's Anatomy displayed a freshness and energy that recalled the glory days of primetime television's greatest medical drama, ER.

The first successful season of Grey's Anatomy quickly led to a second season, and this second season continues the compelling, on-going drama within the surgical ward of Seattle Grace Hospital.  The show's main character and namesake is Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), a surgical intern.  She is regularly accompanied by her friends and fellow interns - competitive suck-up Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), former lingerie model Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), baby-faced George O'Malley (T.R. Knight), and arrogant Alex Karev (Justin Chambers).  As first-year interns, this engaging band of young doctors still has a lot to learn about medicine, and their resident from hell, Miranda "The Nazi" Bailey (Chandra Wilson), takes special delight in tormenting her worthless underlings.  Still, perhaps these interns can learn a thing or two from Dr. Bailey's own experiences.  Among Seattle Grace's top surgical attending physicians are neurosurgeon Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), with whom Meredith is having some discreet hanky-panky, and cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), who happens to be Cristina's own extracurricular activity.  In fact, there are romantic intrigues and merry-go-rounds aplenty on Grey's Anatomy, and one of the show's deliciously wicked delights involves guessing which two characters will pair up next.

The defining word for Grey's Anatomy is cute (think Ally McBeal in a hospital setting).  However, the show is not afraid to play hardcore with the medical terminology, either.  With its charismatic characters, compelling will-she-or-won't-she storylines, and exhaustive supply of fascinating medical cases, Grey's Anatomy is among the more addictive medical dramas on television today.  Read on below for quick dissections of all twenty-seven episodes in Season Two, and discover for yourself the charm of this hugely popular television show!

1) Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

"Let's play a game of whose life sucks the most.  I'll win.  I always win."

Haven't seen a single episode of Grey's Anatomy?  No need to fret!  The first episode of Season Two opens with a rapid recap of the entire first season.  In fact, most all episodes of Grey's Anatomy will recap important plot developments from any past episodes which are relevant to the new story at hand.

I'll summarize in a nutshell.  George and Alex are at odds over the transmission of a certain STD.  It's not what you think.  Just watch.  Also, Meredith's affair with Dr. Shepherd has fizzled thanks to the sudden and unexpected appearance of his wife, Addison (Kate Walsh)!  The female Dr. Shepherd is the hospital's visiting neonatal surgical specialist.  Too bad McDreamy neglected to tell Meredith that he was still married.  Such a tangled web of deceit and adultery in this intriguing mnage trois!

Meanwhile, Dr. Webber, the surgical department head, has undergone surgery on his, er, head.  Now temporarily out of commission, he has delegated chief responsibilities to whichever attending surgeon is not sleeping with an intern.  But wait a minute, wouldn't that eliminate both Shepherd and Burke, his only two available options?  So, who gets to be interim chief?  Dr. Webber needs to know any and all gossip around the hospital, therefore easily-flustered intern George gets chosen to be an "investigative sponge."  Basically, George becomes a reluctant mole, and the more he discovers, the more he wishes he hadn't!

Among the interesting cases in this episode are a pregnant woman with conjoined twins and a guy with a ruptured subarachnoid aneurysm (beware those really excruciating headaches!).

2) Enough is Enough

"Love has its limits."

The moral dilemma of the day involves victims from a road rage-associated motor vehicle accident.  One is dead-on-arrival.  The other is a physically abusive wife-beater with cirrhosis.  He is critically injured and dying, and only a liver transplant from the closest donor, his own son, can save him.  But how far will a resentful son go to save the life of a man who has abused his own family for so many years?  Love has its limits.  Or does it?

3) Make Me Lost Control

"I prefer to be called Ruler of All That is Evil, but I will answer to Satan."

Here's a news flash - glamour girl Izzie and obnoxious Alex are suddenly the hospital's latest surprise couple!  Certainly, Alex has been less than his usually repulsive self of late.  Maybe he is just misunderstood, not arrogant.  Then again, Alex is still a surgeon, and don't all surgeons think they're invincible and unstoppable?

Viewers of the first season of Grey's Anatomy may recall that Meredith's mother is a former surgeon now suffering from Alzheimer's.  Meredith has been hiding that fact, but the cat is out of the bag after the older Dr. Grey is admitted to Seattle Grace for treatment.  There are few things more difficult than standing by helplessly while one's parent suffers from an incurable disease.

Here's another secret - Cristina Yang has been pregnant since the last season.  Any guesses on the identity of the father?  Cristina can no longer conceal her secret after she collapses during surgery and her condition is discovered to be potentially life-threatening.

4) Deny Deny Deny

"I'm stupid.  Nothing can make you feel more stupid than cheating on the woman you love."

Cristina is post-op from a successful salpingo-oophorectomy and believes she is ready to go back to work.  Her resident, Dr. Bailey, doesn't think so.  Thus, Cristina must remain an impatient patient in bed while being tended to by her own scolding mother.  How long will it take before Cristina cracks?  It's like a dysfunctional mother-daughter relationship straight out of The Joy Luck Club!

Meanwhile, Addison Shepherd has completed her duties at Seattle Grace and may soon be returning to New York.  She still loves her husband, but will he accompany her back home or will he opt to remain in Seattle, essentially choosing Meredith over his own estranged wife?

Medical topics for the day include a Munchausen case, an optimistic man with cystic fibrosis, and a gunshot wound to the brain.  And speaking of potentially fatal conditions, Alex receives some very troubling news about his not-so-good medical board examination results.  With his career in jeopardy, can even a date with cheery Izzie lighten his spirits?

BONUS TRIVIA:  Tsai Chin, who plays Cristina's mother, really was in The Joy Luck Club!

5) Bring the Rain

"They never tell you in the movies how much it hurts to get shot!"

Another rainy day in Seattle, another relationship crisis for Meredith Grey.  Addison Shepherd has given divorce papers to her husband to sign, but McDreamy is beginning to have second thoughts about who he truly loves most, Meredith or Addison.  Meredith lays bare her soul for the man she loves yet hates, while Addison delays her trip home in the hopes that her husband might still love her.  Uh-oh, what a dilemma!

Meanwhile, after a sudden power outage at the hospital, Alex and George find themselves stuck in an elevator with a gunshot victim.  The patient requires immediate surgery, and the two panicky interns must prepare for open heart surgery...alone, in a non-sterile, dark elevator!  Even the normally cocky (but now strangely glum) Alex appears to have lost his mojo of late.  Could the recent bad news from the boards have anything to do with Alex's dampened mood on this very wet day?

And speaking of wet, here is this episode's medical tip of the day - watching porn movies releases endorphins into the brain which help alleviate chronic pain in patients.  Oo-kay.  Run that by your doctor next time and see what the response is!

BONUS TRIVIA:  This episode, with its multiple cliff-hangers, was originally designed as the Season One finale.

6) Into You Like a Train

"How do you choose?  How do you decide who gets to live?"

One of many great things about the Grey's Anatomy box set is that viewers needn't spend an entire week (or season) anguishing over the latest cliffhanger the show launches at them - in this case, who McDreamy will chose, Meredith or Addison.  No, the answer now arrives as quickly as it takes to remove Disc One and to pop in Disc Two.

The next episode, Into You Like a Train, opens with a train wreck that brings a flood of the injured and walking wounded to Seattle Grace.  Our off-shift interns Meredith, George, Izzie, and Cristina are relaxing at the local bar after a long day.  Sadly, their work has only just begun, as the exhausted interns are paged back to the hospital for this unexpected emergency.  The next few hours at Seattle Grace will be filled with difficult decisions, many of them crucial life-and-death choices.

7) Something To Talk About

"She's a human traffic accident and everyone's slowing down to take a look at the wreckage."

Arrogant Alex is back in the groove, while Meredith is not feeling so groovy after recent events in her private life.  Apparently, the entire hospital staff is now gossiping about Meredith and McDreamy Shepherd.  So much for closely-guarded secrets!  How might the hospital staff react if word were to get out too about Cristina and her own on-and-off relationship with Dr. Burke?

8) Let It Be

"Carpe diem, man.  Seize the day!"

A man plummets five stories from a building and misses landing on George by mere inches.  Miraculously, both guys live to tell the tale, and George's outlook on the generally-miserable existence of an intern suddenly gets turned topsy-turvy.  Second chances at life can do that to some folks.

The medical dilemma of the day involves a young woman with a very strong family history of ovarian and breast cancer.  Not willing to risk her own life, she demands a bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and a bilateral mastectomy over the protests of her husband.  What decision should a surgeon make in such a situation - perform prophylactic surgery or attempt to obey the first rule of medicine, do no harm to the patient?

Meanwhile, Cristina and Dr. Burke finally go out on their first official date together, only to discover somewhat awkwardly that they have little in common outside of the surgical theater.  On the bright side, Dr. Bailey has good news of her own.  She is fielding fellowship offers from all around.  Unfortunately, there is a minor setback - "The Nazi" is pregnant!

9) Thanks for the Memories (extended)

"You're operating on a turkey?"

This Thanksgiving episode is the first of four episodes especially extended for this box set.  Izzie tries to cook a nice holiday dinner for housemates Meredith and George, but she receives little help from her friends.  Instead, George goes out to shoot helpless, slow-moving turkeys, Meredith volunteers to work a few hours at the hospital, and Cristina confirms once again that even on her days off, she has no zero social life outside the hospital.

Izzie, however, possesses a wiser outlook upon Thanksgiving.  Interns work eighteen hours a day, six days a week, and under such circumstances they cannot help but lose contact with how a normal life should be.  For Izzie, Thanksgiving represents a rare and therefore precious opportunity to briefly re-experience and appreciate the normalcy of living like a regular person.  Thanksgiving is a fleeting chance to recapture an innocence lost, perhaps to re-affirm in the interns' minds what they have sacrificed voluntarily to help other people remain healthy and lead regular, comfortable lives.

10) Much Too Much

"Try not to say everything that pops into your brain."

Addison Shepherd has decided to stay on as head of Seattle Grace's neonatal department.  Her first big case involves a pregnant woman with quintuplets.  So many complications arise that eventually many of the Seattle Grace surgeons are recruited for the crucial, impending delivery.

On a less medical and more personal level, there are relationship troubles aplenty.  Izzie and Alex encounter a major stumbling block in their relationship, and it's mostly Alex's fault.  Meanwhile, Burke offers to take a surprising step forward in his relationship with Cristina.  Most amusing of all, Meredith's most recent one-night stand develops an embarrassing case of priapism and, even worse, becomes her patient at Seattle Grace the next day.  How awkward is that?

If you don't know what priapism is, please consult a medical dictionary because the condition is too painful for me to describe or contemplate (particularly when the apparent cure is a rectal enema or a big needle stuck into...well, the offending body part!).

11) Owner of a Lonely Heart

"Hell hath no fury like a girl whose non-boyfriend screws a nurse."

Moving on to Disc Three, the quintuplets from the last episode are alive, if very premature and rather critical, health-wise.  Their mother is hardly faring any better, seemingly kicking into postpartum depression a tad early.  Meanwhile, Alex agonizes over the fate of a patient, now comatose after a hypertonic IV saline infusion that Alex himself ordered.  Lastly, Cristina struggles with a murderous inmate who has taken pica to sharp and dangerous extremes.  Keeping such patients alive will be tricky, and our interns could be batting zero-for-eight before the night is through.

Still, if modern medicine fails, there is always Mother Nature.  As a case in point, George uses live leeches on a man's face to help a skin graft heal properly!

12) Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

"Is there such a thing as Hanukkah carols?"

Another holiday, another all-out effort from Izzie, who decides to decorates the house from top to bottom with Christmas cheer.  Not everyone has such holiday glee, though.  Cristina remains a cynic who doesn't believe in anything but surgery until she has to confront a young child with a heart transplant.  Some hospital visitors are quite glee-less as well, including the overbearing family of a meek patient with a gastric ulcer.

But even cynics can have a conscience, and even quarreling couples like Izzie and Alex can find a way to help one another.  In the end, isn't that what true holiday spirit is all about?

13) Begin the Begin

"You see what you're doing, being dreamy?  It doesn't help.  It messes with my head."

The new year has begun with some new resolutions but the same old weirdness.  For instance, Alex's latest patient, a frustrated writer, having judged his current novel to be utter garbage, has literally eaten the whole thing.  Meanwhile, George's patient is discovered to possess a highly atypical sexual orientation and must face a vital, life-changing decision.  And another heart transplant patient, this time a charming man named Denny, has apparently had his heart stolen by his lovely intern, Izzie.  Figuratively, of course.

Bezoars, hermaphrodites, and lovestruck heartthrobs, oh my!

14) Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

"Here's the truth about the truth - it hurts.  So, we lie."

These Seattle Grace doctors are so wishy-washy.  Burke has asked Cristina to move in with him but she is vacillating on giving him a straight answer.  Meredith is so over McDreamy one moment and so obsessed with him the next.  And as for George, he has been harboring a secret crush on Meredith for, like, ever.  When do these doctors ever find time for their patients?  At least Alex may have good news about his recent clinical examination retake.

However, a potential staffing crisis is brewing.  The surgery department has been too stingy about hiring new nurses; as a result, the current nurses have been stretched thin beyond the point of exhaustion.  They're threatening to strike!

15) Break On Through

"And your treatment plan is based on...cuteness?"

Dr. Bailey, with her "fat, pregnant belly," is out of commission indefinitely.  While she stays home on bed rest, the surgical interns need a replacement resident.  So, out with the grumpy Nazi and in with Sydney Heron, a cheery fourth-year surgical resident whose perky philosophy is "heal with love." It's enough to drive an ambitious and heartless bone-saw like Cristina Yang crazy.

Of course, with all the nurses out on strike, there's little else the doctors can provide but TLC.  Without nurses, charts go missing, DNR patients are erroneously intubated, and even a doctor (like George) eventually joins the picket line in support of fair hours and fair wages! 

16) It's the End of the World (extended)

"What's the one thing you've always dreamed of doing before you die?"

Meredith has a very bad feeling about this day.  Her premonitions prove to be correct after a bloody patient arrives at Seattle Grace after having shot himself inadvertently with a homemade bazooka.  The good news is that he's still alive.  The bad news is that the bazooka is lodged inside his body and could explode at any moment!  The hospital has two very definite words for this crisis - Code Black!

In this infamous Superbowl episode, Christina Ricci guest-stars as the unlucky EMT with her hand stuck in the bomb victim's chest.  Any sudden motion could set off the device and kill everyone in sight.

17) As We Know It

"If you knew this was your last day on earth, how would you want to spend it?"

This is the second half of a two-part episode and picks up the storyline from the previous episode's cliff-hanging conclusion.  The EMT has run off in hysterics, and now Meredith Grey finds herself the unlucky lady with her hand stuck in the bomb victim's chest.  Oh yes, and the bomb remains very active.  Can the bomb squad defuse this situation before Seattle Grace Hospital is blown into bits?

18) Yesterday

"Okay, this is not a tea party.  Go.  Work.  Save some lives!"

A handsome stranger from Addison Shepherd's past walks through the hospital doors...and promptly gets slugged by McDreamy, especially after chatting up Meredith Grey.  Who is this handsome stranger, and is there more than mere jealousy behind McDreamy's sudden rage?

As if two admirers were not enough, Meredith has a third one in her pal George, who has had a crush on her since day one.  Unfortunately, George has always been too timid to reveal his true feelings.  Will today be the fateful day?

This episode marks the first appearance of Meredith Grey's long-absent father.

19) What Have I done to Deserve This? (extended)

"Can we please just go back to everything the way it was?"

George's nocturnal escapade with Meredith goes poorly and results in a great deal of friction between the former friends.  After one argument, George even falls and dislocates his shoulder.  Things get better, however, when the lovelorn intern meets the hot orthopedic resident, Dr. Callie Torres.  Maybe she is the new girl who will rescue George from his puppy-love infatuation with Meredith.

Denny (the heart transplant patient who first appeared in Begin the Begin) returns in this episode.  Still awaiting his heart, he has now become too gravely ill to be discharged from the hospital.  But if love is considered the best medicine, then perhaps Denny's condition might improve with some TLC from his intern Izzie.

20) Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

"You know, as a friend, you suck."

Meet the new George - new haircut, new roomies, a new girlfriend, and hopefully a new attitude on life and love.  George has moved out of the house he shared with Izzie and Meredith and has moved in with Dr. Burke, surprisingly enough.  However, Burke already has a roommate, Cristina.  And being the self-centered person that she is, Cristina begins to resent the intrusion.

Meanwhile, Izzie and her patient Denny continue their mutual flirtation, much to Alex's annoyance.  Poor Alex.  He's immature, he's inconsiderate, and he has poor bedside manners, but Alex is basically an honest guy.  Despite his flaws, he deserves better than playing second fiddle to a human pincushion with a malfunctioning ticker.

Cherish the time we have, for we can never truly know how much of it is left to each and every one of us.

21) Superstition

"The poor girl's going to kill herself trying not to die."

There are some words which must never be spoken during a work shift at the hospital.  Never say, "I'm bored."  Never say, "It's too quiet."  Lightning invariably strikes anyone who utters such foolish things.  A quiet day at the hospital turns into chaos once mule-headed Cristina enunciates that dreaded "B" word aloud.

Indeed, with four deaths in four successive surgeries, the day is young but already fares poorly for our surgeons.  The bad vibes are enough to make anyone superstitious for the day!

22) The Name of the Game

"Life is not a spectator sport."

Life has been a series of cruel little mind games for Meredith Grey of late.  She is still pines after Derek Shepherd, despite her best efforts to deny her innermost desires.  Let us remember that he remains a married man still trying to patch up his marriage with Addison Shepherd.  At least Meredith may finally have a new love in her life - handsome young veterinarian Finn Dandridge (Chris O'Donnell).  Of course, as fate would have it, Dr. Dandridge is also the veterinarian for the Shepherds' dog Doc.

23) Blues for Sister Someone

"You'd be willing to sacrifice your life for your music?"

A famous violinist complains that his pacemaker is interfering with his rhythm and making him into an inferior musician.  He wants the device taken out and wishes for Dr. Burke to perform the surgery.  However, the surgery carries many risks, and as a fan of the violinist's performances, Dr. Burke is reluctant to perform a surgery that potentially could kill his idol.

Indeed, treating a patient with compassion does not always yield favorable results.  Addison Shepherd honors the secret request of her own pregnant patient (to have her tubes tied without her husband's knowledge), but the consequences of Addison's actions may well jeopardize her career.  Where does one draw the line between blind medical ethics and human compassion?

Meanwhile, the relationship between Meredith and Finn begins to pick up speed.

24) Damage Case

"I'm not scary and damaged!"

George has forgiven Meredith for their mutual falling-out.  He moves back into the interns' shared house, although Meredith and Izzie are not sure they approve of George's new girlfriend Callie.  Then again, Meredith still dreams of McDreamy even though she is dating someone else, and Izzie is developing some serious hots for her patient Denny, so neither intern can exactly claim the high moral ground here.

The medical drama of the day centers around a multi-vehicle car crash involving an entire family.  The daughter is early in her pregnancy but her injuries are mortal.  Soon, the doctors and the less-injured family members must face a difficult decision concerning the life of the unborn baby.

25) 17 Seconds

"Love means never having to use your girlfriend as a human shield."

Mercy West Hospital may have a heart transplant available finally for seriously ill Denny.  Dr. Burke goes to retrieve the heart but encounters some life-altering complications along the way.  With Denny's survival increasingly in doubt, will Izzie sacrifice everything to save the man she loves, even if that entails jeopardizing her own medical career?

Be forewarned, this episode's shocking conclusion sets up the astounding developments in the two-part season finale.

26) Deterioration of the Fight-or-Flight Response (extended)

27) Losing My Religion

"We can't help who we fall in love with."

These two episodes pick up right where 17 Seconds ends, and things really snowball downhill very quickly, to say the least.

In fact, the last three episodes of this season mark an end of innocence for Grey's Anatomy.  Essentially a three-part finale, these episodes present a devastating chain of events which may irreparably alter the career paths and private lives of all the show's principal characters.

Uncertain crossroads await each intern.  George makes a stunning revelation about his lingering feelings for Meredith and his current feelings for Callie.  Meredith will have to choose between an adulterous relationship with Derek or a spiritually-healing one with good-hearted Finn.  Cristina and Izzie, in their own manners, must both face difficult choices involving love and professional duty.  What is ultimately more important, intimacy and compassion or a heartless drive to advance one's career?  Both paths will require great sacrifice.

The first duty of any doctor is to do no harm.  When that line is crossed, even if the intentions are good, the repercussions can be terrible.  Izzie's actions during these final three episodes put all the interns at risk, and the test of true friendship is whether the interns will band together as a family or whether they will splinter apart.

The defining moment of the season finale occurs when Chief of Surgery Dr. Webber sits down individually with his interns for a heart-to-heart talk.  These are soul-bearing moments, stripping away pretensions or psychological barriers and leaving the interns emotionally naked with their private thoughts and motivations.

Life, with all its trials and tribulations, is hard enough for most people.  Now try handling life's multiple crises while juggling a fledgling career as a perpetually sleep-deprived surgical intern, slaving away more hours than seemingly exists in a day.  Next try doing that in rainy, dreary Seattle no less, long the punch line for manic-depressive personalities.  Given such circumstances, it is a wonder how Meredith Grey and her friends maintain their sanity in the three-ring circus that is a hospital residency.  But somehow they do.

Still, the fact that even doctors have their own personal problems is one reason why Grey's Anatomy is so endearing.  Few people can identify with the flawless individual with a perfect life, but everyone can relate to the daily strife of shattered romances and poignant heartaches, the glimmer of hope amongst a flood of failures, large or small.  Medical crises may give Grey's Anatomy its excitement and punch, but the personal drama is what truly compels viewers to return time and again to this sensationally-addictive television show.

Video ****

Grey's Anatomy is presented in an anamorphic widescreen format and looks quite good on any screen, large or small.  The video quality is pristine, as befits a show of such popularity as this one.

Audio ****

Nothing wrong here, either.  The English 5.1 surround sound mix is aggressive for a television show.  There are also numerous song excerpts scattered throughout each episode; if any particular song catches your ear, you can use the English subtitles to learn the song's title and artist.

Features ****

The various bonus features are scattered throughout four of the six discs included in this box set.

There are five audio commentary tracks for the following episodes.  The first commentary, by  director Jeff Melman and writer Krista Vernoff, is for Into You Like a Train.  This episode was originally slated to be Season Two's exciting opener.  Its ER-like utter chaos certainly makes Into You Like a Train one of the most exciting and exhausting episodes of Grey's Anatomy to date.  The show's creator Shonda Rhimes and editor Susan Vaill follow up in an audio track for the poignant Thanks for the Memories.  Rhimes and Vaill point out the new sequences added into this extended episode, although they still mention other deleted sequences not included.  The humorous third commentary track, by director Peter Norton with Sandra Oh, accompanies another holiday episode, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.  For inquisitive viewers, Chandra Wilson really was pregnant during the filming of this episode.  Lastly, Shonda Rhimes join forces with director Peter Norton and editor Edward Ornelas on the final two commentaries for It's the End of the World and As We Know It.  On a trivial note, the girlie shower fantasy sequence that opens It's the End of the World may seem out of character for Grey's Anatomy...until we remember that this episode was preceeded by the Superbowl, with its predominately male audience.

The Doctors Are In is a 13-minute Q&A session with the show's actors answering write-in questions about their respective characters.  Interestingly, pretty much all of the questions come from women, a testimony to the show's incredibly huge female fan base.

The Softer Side of Bailey (8 min.) is an interview session with Chandra Wilson.  If "The Nazi" Bailey is Hyde, than Chandra is the kindly Jekyll alter-ego.  Meet the real (and fun) Chandra Wilson in this featurette!

Creating "Pink Mist" (5 min.) is a reference to the Superbowl two-part episode.  Grey's Anatomy defines "pink mist" as the remnants of a person who is blown up.  This featurette reveals the making of said "pink mist" special effect, which of course begs the question - who was blown up?  Well, watch the two episodes and find out!

A Set Tour of Seattle Grace Hospital (8 min.) is a whimsical behind-the-scenes featurette hosted by James Pickens.  The actor takes us on a walkthrough of the various authentic-looking mock-ups of operating theaters and hospital rooms that make up the Seattle Grace Hospital set. 

Dissecting Grey's Anatomy is a collection of twenty deleted scenes (18 min.) arranged chronologically by episodes.  Most of these clips involve character-building moments, and I imagine that the majority of these clips were cut simply due to time constraints.  Watch them; these are mostly worthwhile scenes, not merely extraneous filler.

Grey's Anatomy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (22 min.) is an excerpt of the May 15, 2006 show featuring Katherine Heigl, Chandra Wilson, and James Pickens.  It aired after the broadcast of the Season Two finale.  I am not going to ruin the surprise in it for you, but this excerpt really packs a whopper!

Disc Six has trailers for The Golden Girls Season Six, Alias Season Five, Lost Season Two, Home Improvement Season Five, Soap.net, a promo for Grey's Anatomy, Mel Gibson's Apocalypto, Keeping Up with the Steins, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Scrubs Season Four, and Desperate Housewives Season Two.

Lastly, this box set includes a small booklet with brief synopses of each episode.  The booklet also describes which episodes have been extended and which have optional commentary tracks.


Grab a copy of Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Second Season stat, and discover all the thrills and humor that have made this show one of television's best medical dramas.  Highly recommended!

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