Season Two

Review by Mark Wiechman

Stars:  Josh Rednor, Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders
Director:  Pam Fryman
Video:  Color full frame 1:33:1
Audio:  Dolby 5.1, English, French, and Spanish subtitles
Studio:  20th Century Fox
Features:  See Review
Length: 484 minutes, 3 discs
Release date: October 2, 2007

“For the first time EVER, the three of us are single at the same time.  I’ve dreamed about this day boys and it will be legendary! Together we will own this city.  Anytime a girl wants to get back at her ex-boyfriends, we’ll be there.  Anytime a girl wants to solve her father issues through promiscuity and binge drinking, we will be there.  Anytime a bachelorette party drives through the city in a limo, sticking their heads up the sunroof shouting “What’s up, New York?” WE will be what is up New York.  Gentlemen, we are about to embark on…(looks at Robin and Ted)…Oh, man, you guys DID IT, didn’t you?”

Show ***1/2

We continue on the odyssey of how a man met his future wife and mother of his children, and how he and his friends get through their lives in the Big Apple.  Lilly and Marshall broke up at the end of the first season, and Ted and Robin hook up.  When Lilly comes back to town and confesses that her trip to San Francisco was a bus ride through nutville, she and Marshall eventually get back together, Robin meets Ted’s parents, and possibly one of the funniest sit com episodes lately, Robin has a big embarrassing secret when she refuses to go to a mall.  I won’t spoil it here except to say that everyone’s guess is wrong and any fans of 80’s pop music will bust a gut.

Episodes: 1. Where Were We? 2. The Scorpion and the Toad 3. Brunch 4. Ted Mosby: Architect  5. World's Greatest Couple   6. Aldrin Justice  7. Swarley
8. Atlantic City  9. Slap Bet  10. Single Stamina   11. How Lily Stole Christmas
12. First Time in New York   13. Columns  14. Monday Night Football 15. Lucky Penny   16. Stuff  17. Arrivederci, Fiero  18. Moving Day  19. Bachelor Party
20. Showdown   21. Something Borrowed   22. Something Blue

Video  ****

Standard, excellent for modern television.

Audio ****

Well mixed, dialogue strong, no problems.

Features  ***

Along with the usual somewhat entertaining audio commentaries on select episodes by cast & crew, a new “How We Make Your Mother” featurette and a Gag Reel, there are several extended scenes which were eventually cut :“How It Really Happened: Moving Day featurette,”  “How It Really Happened: Showdown featurette”,  “How It Really Happened: Bachelor Party featurette”.  According to Amazon there is the complete "Robin Sparkles" Video but it is not in the special features menu, it is just in that episode.    The creators are also musicians, and the complete version of the theme song with video "Hey Beautiful" is a nice feature.   I couldn’t find the alleged Easter Egg.


Not yet in Seinfeld-level funny but far less neurotic and will age much better, How I Met Your Mother continues to grow and entertain superlatively in its second season.  Marshall and Lilly get married in the end, what will happen in Season Three?

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