Blu-ray Edition

Review by Michael Jacobson

Stars:  Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, Demi  Lovato, Taylor Swift
Director:  Bruce Hendricks
Audio:  DTS HD 7.1, Dolby Digital 5.1
Video:  Anamorphic Widescreen 1.85:1
Studio:  Walt Disney
Features:  Bonus Songs, Featurette
Length:  89 Minutes
Release Date:  June 30, 2009

Film **

Well, itís safe to say that Iím not in the target demographic for the Jonas Brothers or their music.  Not that itís always something that mattered in the pastÖdespite my age, Iím a fan of the Disney Channel and several of their shows, including many of their cute, smiling young stars and the catchy tunes they belt out week after week.  But the Jonas Brothers?  No go.

People who regularly read this site know Iím even a fan of Hanson, but you, Jo Bros, are no Hanson.  Yes, youíre a handsome trio of young brothers that write your own songs and play instruments.  But Hanson always crafted music with an appeal that belied the age of the performers.  The Jo Bros are strictly for the tween and younger crowd, particularly ones with an extra X chromosome.

Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience was probably inevitable after the 3D big screen success of Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana.  And for fans of this group, you probably couldnít ask for better than whatís presented here, which is the Jonas Brothers in full stage energy, delivering song after song, and energizing their fans with some crazy 3D effects, although I wonder if anyone in the band or at Disney considered that using hoses to spray down the crowd with white foam seemed like an eyebrow-raising innuendo.

On their new TV show JONAS, the Jo Bros are made out to be like the Monkees.  Here, director Bruce Hendrickson channels The Beatles and A Hard Dayís Night as the boys are shown on the move from over zealous fans.  But on stage, the likable trio seems to put their heart into every song they sing.  They clearly work hard and love what they do, and so far, they seem to be handling the pressures of fame better than other Disney stars like Miley or Lindsay Lohan.  Their open Christian influence and wearing of promise rings to promote celibacy is something any parent can feel good about.

Or, in short, I wish I could like this band.  But here I am, writing the review, and I canít recall the name of a single song they played.  Over my years of watching Disney Channel, Iíve heard many songs from the Jo Bros and seen many videos as well, but I couldnít so much as hum one bar from one song even if you threatened to smash my Blu-ray player.  Even the appearance of Demi Lovato, by far the best singer ever to come from the Disney Channel, or Taylor Swift, a huge success in her own right, didnít change anything up, as the Jonas Brothers duet with them instead of leaving some spotlight for them.

But again, thatís because the brothers arenít writing or recording anything for grouchy middle aged men.  They know their target audience, and have enjoyed gangbuster success by bulls-eying that target time and time again.  Theyíre very decent young men, and so far, solid role models.  They might be the hardest working band in America today.  I wish them continued success.  And if youíre a fan, go with my blessings.  As for me, I think I left my Police reunion disc around here somewhereÖnot in 3D, but at least with it, I can sing along.

Video ****

Wow!  Absolutely no complaints here.  If the goal was to deliver the ultimate 3D concert experience on Blu-ray, Disney has certainly succeeded and raised the bar with this release.  Iíve said before, 3D and high definition is almost an unfair combination, but this may be as close as you can get to hosting a major concert event in your living room as can be conceived, until someone invents a way for the white foam to come out and hit you in the face.  The colors are bright and vibrant, and the concert lighting brings an energy to the presentation that really seems to leap off the screen, 3D or not.  Contrasts are sharp and images are clean and clear throughoutÖa terrific viewing experience.  Oh, and you can opt for 2D if you prefer, but why?

Audio ****

The music may not be my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate what a dynamic, expansive DTS HD 7.1 soundtrack is offered here.  The uncompressed audio really captures the feel of a live concert experience, with the surrounds making you feel like a part of the crowd and the natural reverb giving a nice exhibition hall vibe to the overall presentation.  Every instrument rings out clean and clear, the mixes are solid, and the dynamic range most impressive.

Features *

This is a three disc combo pack, and Iím not exactly sure what truly constitutes an Ďextraí with it, but the first disc is the spectacular Blu-ray one, and it features an extended edition of the movie, a couple of bonus songs and a look at the group up close and personal on their headlining tour.  The second disc is the DVD, only in 2D, and the third disc is for a digital copy.  The limited edition set includes four pairs of 3D glasses.


Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience is just that, and for the groupís many, many fans, it might be the best time possible with a high definition theatre set.  Iím not one of them, but even I canít deny the outstanding quality of this Blu-ray issue.  If Disney ever releases a 3D concert of Demi Lovato, Iím so there.

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