Review by Chastity Campbell

Starring: George Washington, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, Nathan Hale, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, with special appearances by The Minutemen, & The Sons Of Liberty
Director: Various
Studio: A&E
Video: 1.33:1 Standard Fullscreen
Audio: Dolby Digital Surround Sound
Features: See Review
Length: 600 Minutes
Release Date: December 19, 2006

Film ****

Revolution: [rev-uh-loo-shuh n] Noun; an overthrow of repudiation and the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.

Yep, thatís exactly what we did! 

A&E presents for your viewing pleasure The Revolution: The Series.  This four-disc box set contains thirteen individual episodes chronicling our countryís revolt against unfair tax and trade from the mother country!  That would be England for those of you out there who slept through history class!

When you pop in one of these four discs, you will take a step back in time, where you will be able to see a stunning representation of our forefathers taking up arms to fight for our liberty and freedom. 

After almost 150 years of colonial rule, the King of England began to take a real interest in the affairs of the American Colonies.  When the King raised taxes, the colonists revolted.  Like a chess match played out across the Atlantic Ocean, the British ruler would make a move that would raise taxes or add fees to food and goods, and in retaliation the colonists would revolt and it would be rescinded.

When the King tried to get physical he found out the hard way what happens when you kick a fallen hornets nestÖyou get stung!

This box set will connect you to history in a way that is unparalleled to anything else out on the market today.  The Revolution takes you inside the action, behind the scenes where the decisions were made and explains what happened and why.

In one box set you get to watch the signing of the Declaration Of Independence, and/or see George Washington being sworn in as this country's first President.  

Also, things that you think you know about our nations history may turn out to be only half the truth.   A perfect example of this is the, midnight ride of Paul Revere!

Everyone has heard the story of his midnight ride to warn of the coming British invasion! (No, Iím not talking about the Beatles, although I bet Ringo could have kept a nice cadence with the military drummers of the British army!)  

The truth is Paul was only one of hundreds of riders sent out to warn the colonies about the British.  Also, Paulís ride wasnít nearly as great as some of the other men who rode hundreds of miles to awaken their brothers in arms. 

How about Benjamin Franklin?  Did you know that the inventor of the lightning rod and bifocal lenses was a representative for the Colonies to the crown?  Did you also know that he was kicked out of England for helping the revolutionaries?

There is so much you can learn from this box set that it is impossible to list it all. 

The Revolution: The Series is a visual representation of some of the most defining moments in our countries history. 

If you think that you or your family could benefit from a wonderfully put together history lesson, then you definitely want this series on DVD!

Video **

History has never been presented in such a vivid way before.  Each image was clean and refreshing, with bold colors and crisp details! 

There was only one problem with these discs and unfortunately it was quite noticeable.  Digital Ghosting or Artifacting is a result of high compression ratios (i.e. too much information crammed onto one disk).  These DVDís suffered visibly from artifacting.  It is noticeable enough that I think even someone who doesnít have a technical eye will notice.

Audio **

The audio was okay, there were no real problems to speak of, but nothing about it really stood out.

The dialogue was easy to understand, as was the voice over work done by Ed Herman.  The levels remained constant throughout, and the audio mix for the sound effects and music bed were also nicely done. 

Features **

There was nothing revolutionary about these extras other than the extraordinary detail that went into this series.

There is one featurette for you to review, but it is a nice one.  History In The Making: The Revolution Behind The Scenes gives you a very detailed and in depth look at the amount of work and effort that went into producing this 13-episode history lesson!

There are Interactive Menus for you to use in order to browse through each disk, and if you are interested in a specific part of any individual episode you can skip through using the Scene Selection option.


Whether you are a history buff or just someone who wants to know more about this countries history, you will definitely be able to find something to love about The Revolution: The Series.

Revolt against boredom, go out and grab this awesome box set today!

Episode list for THE REVOLUTION:

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