Review by Chastity Campbell

Stars: Mathew Modine, Jennifer Grey
Director:  Carroll Ballard
Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo 
Video:  1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Studio:  Columbia Tri-Star
Features: See Review
Length:  126 Minutes
Release Date:  February 11, 2003

Film **

She’s like the WIND through my tree…yeah, I’m sure Jennifer Grey was humming that tune while filming the movie Wind, and wondering how she went from being the Dancing Queen to Popeye’s goyel!

Wind is a high sea yachting adventure centered around, one man’s love of sailing and the America’s Cup race he’s dying to win. 

Will Parker is a sailor, and his dream is to be on the team that will win the next America’s Cup Race.  Unfortunately for Will, his girlfriend is standing in his way.   When he is given the choice of realizing his dream or sticking by the woman who loves him, Will says heave ho and watches as Kate walks the plank right out of his life.

Race day arrives and Will’s cup runneth over, leaving him drowning in misery as the  America’s Cup sails into the hands of the Aussies. Ashamed and alone, Will takes a break from racing and heads out in search of Kate. 

Mathew Modine was able to completely lose himself in the character of Will.  He did an amazing job of bringing to the forefront the emotional struggle Will goes through when his dream is lost, and later when it appears he may get that coveted second chance everyone dreams of.       

Jennifer Grey plays the headstrong sailor wannabe Kate Bass.  I really like Grey, who always seems to be able to bring a lot of emotional depth to the characters she plays.  Given the right opportunity she’s got what it takes to become one of the bigger names in Hollywood.  Unfortunately for her, the Wind was blowing in the wrong direction, and it took her far out to sea with this flick. 

Will and Kate hook up in Utah where she’s been living with her new boyfriend, Joe Heiser.  It seems that Joe is a design engineer, and Will, sweet talks him into helping design, and build a new boat for the next America’s Cup race. With a new boat, a new attitude, and his girl by his side will it be enough for Will to finally, bring it all home. 

Wind is an amazing cinematography foray into the world of sport sailing.  The gorgeous ocean scenes, and use of different camera angles, paint a breath taking and often, heart stopping, picture you won’t be able to forget.   Carroll Ballard (The Black Stallion, Never Cry Wolf) did an exceptionally wonderful job directing this picture, and photography director John Toll (Thin Red Line, Braveheart) was able to capture the true beauty of the ocean in each and every scene. 

While the script was weaker than a sand crab at low tide, the actors were able to breathe a bit of life into the film.  If you want to see some really cool sailing and enjoy some decent acting, then this is the DVD for you. 

Video ***

Wind blows warmly, in a 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen format that is not only very nicely done, but, very easy to sit back and enjoy. 

The colors were vibrant and alive in each and every scene.  The picture was very clean, with no visible flaws that I could see.  This DVD is a very nice viewing experience and one I would recommend to just about anyone.

Audio **

While the video experience was very nice, the audio tended to be a little flat without any help at all from the soundtrack.   The Dolby Digital Stereo mix sounded hollow one minute and crowded the next.  Looped dialogue did not sync up well in some scenes and it was obvious that not a lot of time was spent on the digitization of this DVD’s audio.

While this DVD’s audio did have some good points, I was really unimpressed with the over all mix.  

Features ½*

English, and French subtitles as well as movie trailers for Wind, Dogtown & Z-Boys, and Vertical Limit are the only thing blowing around in this DVD’s bag of tricks. 


Baton down the hatches and hold on tight ,because when you pop in this DVD, you’ll be gone with the Wind!