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F for Fake
La Dolce Vita
The Vanishing
Edge of Tomorrow
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The Innocents
Any Given Sunday
Captain America: Winter Soldier
The Midnight Special
Ken Burns: The Roosevelts
Y Tu Mama Tambien
All That Jazz
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Muppets Most Wanted
Amazing Spider-Man 2
The Legend of Hell House
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
Need for Speed
Elvis: That's the Way it Is
Viva Las Vegas
The Big Chill
The Raid 2
The Essential Jacques Demy
Grand Budapest Hotel
Winter's Tale
300: Rise of an Empire
A Hard Day's Night
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Lone Survivor
The LEGO Movie
Son of God

1.  Transformers: Age of Extinction
2.  Neighbors
3.  Monster High: Freaky Fusion
4.  Godzilla
5.  The Fault in Our Stars
6.  Captain America: Winter Soldier
7.  Big Bang Theory: Season 7
8.  Barbie & The Secret Door
9.  Chef
10.  Frozen
11.  Amazing Spider-Man 2
12.  Hook
13.  Sons of Anarchy: Season 6
14.  24: Live Another Day
15.  Divergent
16.  The LEGO Movie
17.  Dolphin Tale
18.  Homeland: Season 3
19.  Rio 2
20.  Mrs. Doubtfire

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October 23, 2014
Back with another big review for you!

Stay awake
Sleeping Beauty is back on Blu-ray, and this time as a Diamond Edition release from Disney.  We gave it a spin for you!

Still not finished!
Mike J

October 22, 2014
Another advanced review for you, and this is a title that could end up as year's best!

A celebration of comedy
The Complete Jacques Tati is an amazing Blu-ray set that combines all of the comic director's feature films and short films together.  Only Criterion could deliver such a triumphant package...we can't wait to share our review with you!

Not done yet!
Mike J

October 21, 2014
One more new review for you, in time for the street date!

Nothing up his sleeve
Orson Welles' final feature F for Fake is a fascinating look at deception.  It's out today on Blu-ray from Criterion, and we have the early look!

More to come!
Mike J

October 20, 2014
We're starting your week with another advanced review!

The sweet life
La Dolce Vita is one of Federico Fellini's seminal works, and it's getting the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion...we have the early look!

More on the way!
Mike J

October 16, 2014
Back with another advanced review for you!

Now you see it...
The Vanishing is getting the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion...we couldn't wait to give this one a spin for you!

More to come!
Mike J

October 14, 2014
Back with a big new review for you today!

Deja view?
Edge of Tomorrow is the rare blockbuster that doesn't insult the intelligence, according to Gordon.  Check out his review of this Warner 3D Blu-ray to learn more!

More on the way!
Mike J

October 13, 2014
Sorry for the dearth of updates...let's make it up!

New contest announced!
We're teaming up with Shout! Factory to give five lucky winners a copy of the complete series of The Phil Silvers Show!  Just click on "Feel Lucky?" on the above nav bar for more details and to get your entries in!

More on the way!
Mike J

October 1, 2014
What would October be if we couldn't work in a few horror titles for you?

Christmas comes early
Silent Night Deadly Night is one of the most reviled horror films of all time, so why not kick off our month with a look at the new Blu-ray release of the film?

More on the way!
Mike J

September 29, 2014
Kicking off your week with a big advanced review!

Tomorrow is another release
Gone With the Wind turns 75 this year, and Warner is commemorating with another special edition box set of the film.  We have the early look at the Blu-ray release for you!

More to come!
Mike J

September 24, 2014
Another big advanced review for you today!

Moonwalking into history
Those who saw the Motown 25 special will never forget it...and if you didn't, here's your chance to relive it!  Our man Norman Kelsey has the early look in his review!

Not done yet!
Mike J

September 23, 2014
A big advanced review for you today!

Do as Roman does
Roman Polanski offers his classic take on Macbeth with a director-approved Blu-ray...it's out today from Criterion!

More to come!
Mike J

September 21, 2014
Ready to win?

New contest announced!
We're teaming up with Warner to give five lucky winners a copy of the sixth season of The Mentalist on DVD.  Just click on "Feel Lucky?" on the above nav bar for more details and to get your entries in!

More on the way!
Mike J

September 19, 2014
Closing out your week with another advanced review!

Until proven guilty
The Innocents is one of the great atmospheric horror films of all time...and it's coming to Blu-ray from Criterion.  Join us for an early look!

Back soon, friends!
Mike J

September 15, 2014
Back with another big review for you!

Ready for some football?
Oliver Stone looks at the world of pro football with Any Given Sunday.  Our man Gordon has the Blu-ray review; see why it earned a rare four-star sweep!

More to come!
Mike J

September 12, 2014
One last big review to close out your week...

Captain America: Winter Soldier is one of the best offerings yet from the folks at Marvel...our man Gordon gave the 3D Blu-ray a spin for you!

Back soon...have a great weekend!
Mike J

September 11, 2014

Eraserhead marked the feature debut of David Lynch, and this incredible Blu-ray from Criterion is sure to please fans.  Check out our early review to learn more!

Not done yet!
Mike J

September 10, 2014
Tuning in for a big music review today!

After midnight
The Midnight Special used to be the way for artists to showcase their stuff in the pre-MTV days.  Now, Time Life has released an amazing box set to demonstrate this classic program...our man Mark has the spin for you!

Still more to come!
Mike J

September 9, 2014
Another big advanced review for you today...

Stomp, drop and roll
Godzilla has never had much luck when it came to American versions...until now.  Check out our early look at this amazing 3D Blu-ray from Warner to learn more!

More to come!
Mike J

September 8, 2014
Welcome back, friends!  We had a nice rest, but it's time to get back to doing what we do best...bringing you some special advanced reviews!

Ken Burns: The Roosevelts documents the lives and careers of both Teddy and Franklin.  It's out on Blu-ray next week, but our resident historian Mark has the early look for you!

More to come, including Godzilla, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Any Given Sunday, Eraserhead and more!

Mike J

September 1, 2014
Happy Labor Day, all!  We are taking the week off, but keep those contest entries coming, and we'll be back with more soon!

Mike J

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The Vanishing
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November 4, 2014

About Alex
Birds of Paradise
The Christmas Gift
Dick Van Dyke Show: Complete
Hot In Cleveland: Season 5
Law & Order: Season 17
The Leopard
Little House: Merry Ingalls
A Most Wanted Man
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